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The Artworks of topic France and containing the word vito petrus, acrylic, religious, france

Vito Petrus - Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc the lights of France!Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc the lights of France!Vito Petrus

Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc the lights of France!;This painting shows a connection with Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc.;They both were the light of Christ in France, as tradition tells us that the Magdalene spent her last years in penitence in the south of France. Acrylics on a A4 paper.

Michel Roubenne - place saint stone , 64400 OLORONplace saint stone , 64400 OLORONMichel Roubenne

Painting acrylic formed on canvas of flax brush embossed at l'enduis . ; TOUCH ; michel . roubenne@sfr . fr

Sylvia Kula - After Robert Delaunay. NOT FOR SALE.After Robert Delaunay. NOT FOR SALE.Sylvia Kula

After Robert Delaunay. Copy NOT FOR SALE but Posters and Prints of some of Sylvia Kula's paintings, in many different sizes, mediums and frames, are now available from ww.Poosteers.com and from SylviaKula.imagekind.com.;For PORTRAITS from your own photos visit ww.SylviaKulaArt.com (samples & prices)...