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The Artworks of topic Figurative Imaginative and containing the word mae cubiles, painting on canvas, figurative imaginative

Anastasia Russa - FirefoxFirefoxAnastasia Russa

mozilla firefox . Out of the fox’s tale there are sumerian mythology coming out . both firefox and sumerians are running up to the different sides . Apparently they can not follow the same road .

Anastasia Russa - St . StephanSt . StephanAnastasia Russa

The struggle and affair of the pink and green , St . Stephan . Zodiacs are lost in the grass while the turtles ninja are beating st . Stephan

Anastasia Russa - violet universeviolet universeAnastasia Russa

violet universe . Apart from abstraction , colour and fluidity of the paint , I was concerned by the little pixel journey , which appeared in the “ women’s” company of giving birth universe .

Anastasia Russa - Solitary lifeSolitary lifeAnastasia Russa

wrestle in solitude . Mixed being , the hybrid of the men and two-headed dragon placed in the purgatorial fire . This fire is all-pervading like apocalyptic fire , it comes through and cleans the air , water and other substances without destroying them .

Anastasia Russa - SusannaSusannaAnastasia Russa

this artwork named susanna and Elders . here i am working with the old testament narrative where I have changed its components . Elders turn into the mass-produced toys , but keeping their masculine qualities .

Tom Lund-Lack - Running HareRunning HareTom Lund-Lack

The Hare, a part of British wildlife, rare generally but fairly common in East Anglia where I live.Speed and exceptional agility are potrayed in this piece.