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The Artworks of topic Figurative Imaginative and containing the word khalil dadah, painting on paper, figurative contemporary, figurative imaginative

Alain Faure - VAL ARIDVAL ARIDAlain Faure

VAL ARID ; Watercolor : 48 X 39 ( particular collection ) ; Have you thought for one times , out what would our world be if l'eau had at themselves raréfier… In item not more see bottom of valleys them greater withdrawn . Vegetation would be the premiere marked by phenomenon , who would have reason ...

Alain Faure - TRAIL shoreline TRAIL shoreline Alain Faure

TRAIL SHORELINE ; Watercolor : 50 x 35 ; Also called coastal footpath , c'est a passage steep that is the best way to discover yonder presqu'île giens . Between beaches and cliffs , pine and oaks , with this blue water marine in below , we are the rendez-vous from all the sens… Or almost !

Alain Faure - UK BISUK BISAlain Faure

RU-BIS ; Watercolor : 50 x 40 ; The rain just accommodate and sky s'éclaircit on suddenly , giving the decor who we surrounds a transparency vegetable incomparable , a stained glass window given by lady nature the . Very close , you intends the outpouring d'une fountain into the reads d'un uk become...

Alain Faure - path lace path lace Alain Faure

PATH LACE ; Watercolor : 50 x 40 ; Wonderful the region multiple facets , provence trains us through of its footpaths and paths intaglio , into a wilderness reserving the walker d'agréables surprises . Above the our heads the trees form a tunnel , a gallery into the aim of please us .