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The Artworks of topic Expressionism and containing the word charis psachos, painting on canvas, contemporary, expressionism

Charis Psachos - The FightThe FightCharis Psachos

The Fight.;40x55cm painted on 45x60cm cotton Canvas (weight aprox. 280gr/sq(m)).;Acrylic paints used.;Year of Creation 2016.;Emotional Painting. ;Mirroring on canvas a moment of my life.;Original Artwork (Artist: Charis Psachos).;Real colors depend on lighting conditions...;Painting is on stretcher...

Charis Psachos - Strange...Strange...Charis Psachos

Strange Feelings.;Art Brut Lines, Expression painting.;Signature is digital for printing purposes. It will be painted in about the same place.;40X50X3cm,;Artwork will be sent rolled in a tube.;A certificate of authenticity will be provided.

Alberto Viola 43 - there is the sky, the sun and the sea ...there is the sky, the sun and the sea ...Alberto Viola 43

The bright colors of the girl who dips her feet in the water of the beach.
According to a study of the same style Volegov.

Charis Psachos - MotherMotherCharis Psachos

The brut sketch of a Madonna on abstract colors symbolizes the idea of a mother. The sketch is done without looking at the canvas most of the time. My intention is on the gesture and the emotional painting of the mother's idea.;Painting is 45X55cm with more than 2.5cm wide.;Oils and Acrylics used ...

Happach Bozena - My MotherMy MotherHappach Bozena

Sculpture in white marble on a marble base.