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The Artworks of topic Equine and containing the word tom lund, lack, oil on canvas, figurative imaginative, equine

Tom Lund-Lack - Holkham RidersHolkham RidersTom Lund-Lack

Painted from my imagination and my knowledge of the location this work portrays horse riders having fun on the vast expanse of Holkham Beach in Norfolk. Oil on linen

Tom Lund-Lack - Close CompetitionClose CompetitionTom Lund-Lack

This painting is not just about the power of and excitement of horse racing , but also a comment of the way we all live - the drive to win!;The original has been sold but high quality prints are available.

Tom Lund-Lack - Head OnHead OnTom Lund-Lack

Oil on board representation of the effort to win. Six tons of pressure on each pastern, 50 litres of air per breath and 0-50 in 4 seconds. Worth celebrating!

Tom Lund-Lack - 4 to 2 Odds on Favourite4 to 2 Odds on FavouriteTom Lund-Lack

Pace, colour & movement of racehorses and jockeys are the subject of this oil on canvas.Typical of my style, this time with a touch of humour the four to two being the obviously the numbers on the two visible horses.

Tom Lund-Lack - Trois AmisTrois AmisTom Lund-Lack

I have based this painting on a feeling of pure romance; for the landscape and the figures between whom I intended there to be a dialogue. The setting is drawn from a compilation of memories of France and warm summer days and is quite definately a moment I would have liked to have experienced!;The p...

Tom Lund-Lack - White Turf - 2000White Turf - 2000Tom Lund-Lack

The drama of the racing on the frozen lake at St Moritz. Sheer power and risk!

Immanuel Joseph - The PromenadeThe PromenadeImmanuel Joseph

painting of the showing the horses at the paddock area at the race track