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The Artworks of topic Celebrities and containing the word james stow, print, portrait, celebrities

James Stow - Salvadore Dali -Portrait of Goya- Ltd Edition LithographSalvadore Dali "Portrait of Goya" Ltd Edition LithographJames Stow

Lovely lithograph (reduced Version) of the Moderm Surrealist Artist, Salvadore Dali ' Caprices '. Sheet size 4.50 by 5.75 inches . This is from the publisher Berggruen , Paris on wove paper and in good condition from a limited edition.

James Stow - Seymour Haden -Thomas Haden of Derby- Etched PortraitSeymour Haden "Thomas Haden of Derby" Etched PortraitJames Stow

What a Great portrait ' Thomas Haden Derby ' This is a impression ,plate signed from last state . The impression impression dates around 1880's and measures 8 by 12.50 inches with margins.In good condition

James Stow - Edgar Chahine -Portrait of Paul Verlaine- Col-AquatintEdgar Chahine "Portrait of Paul Verlaine" Col-AquatintJames Stow

What a great work of the Paris School working with Paul Hellu , in Venice during the later French Print Revival. Etched by Paul Chahine. Best known for his works in etchings of Victorian portraits and Scenes of daily life among the upper class.

James Stow - Felix Bracquemond -Portrait of Corot- Etching on Japon PaperFelix Bracquemond "Portrait of Corot" Etching on Japon PaperJames Stow

What a great work of the Paris School of Impressionism working with Corot ,French Print Revival and the Impressionist School of painter-etchers. Etched by Bracquemond published in a smaller edition on Japon Paper by the Gazette De Beau Arts, Paris. Impressions on Japon paper are very rare and priz...

James Stow - Renoir -Richard Wagner- Limited Edition LithographRenoir "Richard Wagner" Limited Edition LithographJames Stow

Lovely Lithograph by French Impressionist Artist,Pierre Aguste Renoir ' Richard Wagner'.Lithographed by Mourlot after his Lithographed portrait. Sheet size 11 by 8.25 inches . his is from the publisher Mourlot in a limited edition, on wove paper and in good condition. Yes unsigned .Text on on verso ...

James Stow - William Merrit Chase -The Smoker- Etching plate SignedWilliam Merrit Chase "The Smoker" Etching plate SignedJames Stow

What a great portrait of Frank Duveneck , from the masterful hands of William Merrit Chase . This is a etching etched after the oil concieved by William Merrit Chase and etched in etching by William Unger and published by American Art Review. Image measures5.50 by 9.75 inches approximate.Plate sign...

Smriti Jaiswal - vidya balanvidya balanSmriti Jaiswal

pencil sketch on paper of bollywood actor vidya balan