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The Artworks of topic Boats and containing the word martina krupickova, oil, impressionism, boats

Martina Krupickova - At the end of season - reservedAt the end of season - reservedMartina Krupickova

Since that first painting in 1999, I believe I’ve developed my own style. The light is the most important part of the painting. It can give the right sparkle or completely destroy it. I try to capture the right balance of light and shadow to add depth. My pictures draw on personal experiences that a...

Nikolai Kraneis - fisherboats on the baltic sea coastfisherboats on the baltic sea coastNikolai Kraneis

3 years ago I made a sketch on the baltic coast. The original sketch shows more details from the beach with two gulls shadows.

Chris Quinlan - Sail OutSail OutChris Quinlan

A Seascape impressionism painting by Chris Quinlan Irish artist, An original impressionism oil painting of a sail boat race about to set off, A colourful waterscape painting by Chris Quinlan impressionist artist.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Boating (SOLD)Boating (SOLD)Scott Andrew Spencer

SOLD. Art, artist, painter, original, painting, oil, canvas, Scott, Andrew, Spencer, Los Angeles, California, Pasadena, for sale, PayPal, money order, personal check, cashier's check, credit cards, boats, nautical, seascape.

John Mccormick - Yellow Dory,   GloucesterYellow Dory, GloucesterJohn Mccormick

Ye old Yellow Dory, Gloucester Harbor.