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The Artworks of topic Asia and containing the word xiaoying li, orientalism, asia

Jose Manuel Solares - Peacock.Peacock.Jose Manuel Solares

Japanese Tokugawa Inspiration in image (1615-1868).
Japanese art is a synthesis of different cultures and influences That have eaten to its shores over time. The painting In this period Gained Significantly DEVELOPS vitality.
Since ancient times, the peacock stood out Among the animals Adm...

Jose Manuel Solares - Mythical Chinese emperors.Mythical Chinese emperors.Jose Manuel Solares

Recreation of a painting of the Tang Dynasty.
It was this period (618-906) One of the most glorious periods in the history of China.
The image Refers to Fu Xi and Nu Wa, parents mythical emperors of Creation, as she carries a compass and a square. You can see in the background a few conste...

Jose Manuel Solares - Herons over the sea.Herons over the sea.Jose Manuel Solares

Relief inspired by a nineteenth century Japanese tapestry. Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.
Modernism is the term designating a stream of artistic renewal developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It s about creating a new aesthetic, que is Dominated inspiration in natu...

Noëllise Turgeon - TibetTibetNoëllise Turgeon

Work done by two artists ( noellise turgeon and michèle lavoie ) . NOT AVAILABLE