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The Artworks of topic Abstracted and containing the word vijay bhai kochar, digital, abstract, abstracted

Vijay Bhai Kochar - CompositionCompositionVijay Bhai Kochar

This paintig was inspired by natural calamity and human misery followed by effort to build life again.

Vijay Bhai Kochar - Secrets behind the wallSecrets behind the wallVijay Bhai Kochar

Mystery and fantasy of bygone images reflected behind the wall of an old palace - women, music, dance, what not.

Vijay Bhai Kochar - VisionVisionVijay Bhai Kochar

Image represents energy and hope radiating from the labyrinth deep down one's self.

Vijay Bhai Kochar - RevealedRevealedVijay Bhai Kochar

This 2D abstract fine art work is done in Painter and Photopaint expresses the nature of reality. Reality is always partially revealed and partially concealed. This composition done with richness of colour and texture is expressive and emotive.

Vijay Bhai Kochar - UntitledUntitledVijay Bhai Kochar

This pure abstract composition in deep blue has beautiful rhythm, texture and hues. Composition is well balanced and inviting. It has both fluidity and depth. It holds the attention and evokes thoughts and feelings.

Vijay Bhai Kochar - HomingHomingVijay Bhai Kochar

This abastract compsition is representational symbolism. The dominant form in red seems to be floating in air and homing for destination below. The depth, movement and fluidity is used effectively in this symbolic representation. Floating ideas high up seek to reach down to ground as concrete expres...