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The Artworks of topic Flowers and containing the word leonard shane, watercolor, abstract, flowers

Leonard Shane - Profusion of TulipsProfusion of TulipsLeonard Shane

This was truly an enjoyable painting to create as my touch was so gentle and I simply allowed the watercolor to flow freely and with a real delicateness to it. The colors are ever so bright and varied and yet soft at the same time. With the balance of white to offset these colors and the suggestio...

Leonard Shane - Red VaseRed VaseLeonard Shane

This painting was simply great fun to create as I got to work with the most vibrant of colors and exaggerated floral shapes to create a real eye catching piece. It literally fills a room and just draws your total attention to it. Sometimes a piece like this calls out to be created where the artist...

Leonard Shane - Field of FlowersField of FlowersLeonard Shane

This brightly colored watercolor painting of a field of flowers, oddly enough sat on the shelf half completed for a whole year until one day it just seemed the moment had come to complete it. With a flourish of energy, the colors just flowed from my brush, almost as if the brush new exactly where t...

Jaime Villa - Flores  ExoticasFlores ExoticasJaime Villa

This watercolor was finished in 2001. The dimensions are: 6' x 5 1/2'. It is in the hands of private collector and is not for sale.