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Bernard Chauvelot - Maquette for the ceiling dice l-Opéra national de lorraineMaquette for the ceiling dice l'Opéra national de lorraineBernard Chauvelot

Easel painting . Stake the square design , successive glazes , protective varnish

André Chavanne - Cétonpapaquitapin -Cétonpapaquitapin ?André Chavanne

This painting has been has made get away d'une pictured taken in 1945 by my father c'est me right with my horse wooden , you will notice than the apron dice l'enfant to for tiles like the apron picasso's son painted by 1949 , the rare a scorpion because picasso was born the 25 october and l also .

La Galerie De L Himalaya - Mount Ama DablamMount Ama DablamLa Galerie De L Himalaya

L'Ama Dablam ( 6812 m ) is one nepalese summit dice l'Himalaya in the khumbu himal region . She is located in the park national sagarmatha , in the massif khumbu himal , at the foot of two 8 000 : l'Everest and the Lhotse .

Ragoust Nathalie - The little parisianThe little parisianRagoust Nathalie

The little parisienne- ; young portrait daughter in the tones beige gray and rose- ; Young girl with some bold knot pink peas them in hair ; Blouse at frilly out and peas , recall pink and from peas into a band of colour on the coast ; canvas dimensions dice 30 x 30 ; the canvas is varnished and rea...

Ragoust Nathalie - Symphony d-automneSymphony d'automneRagoust Nathalie

Symphony d'automne- ; acralic on canvas the dimensions dice 50 x 50 ; In shades yellow orange , mallow , putting green , tan and some keys golden ; L'automne as l'on love for variations colors and of colours . . ; Them for trees changing and brightness pale and soft

Ragoust Nathalie - The perfume from  there  bloom The perfume from there bloom Ragoust Nathalie

The perfume from there flower ; - acralic on canvas ; Creation personnelle- Carried on a web the dimensions dice 20 x 20 ; them in tone of brown , parma , gilt and white ; A girl breathes the perfume from there flower qu'elle is holding into his by hand . ; small canvas fresh . ; lent to suspend

Ragoust Nathalie - The perfume from flowers thatThe perfume from flowers thatRagoust Nathalie

The perfume of flowers ; -art naive contemporary , a small table full of freshness and d'innocence of of my series universe dice l'enfance ; - acralic on canvas 19 X 40 ; Representing a little girl in a fields of flowers ; Small canvas tenderness .