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Alexander Presniakov - The Three Graces The Three Graces Alexander Presniakov

The three graces frolic in an idyllic garden setting waiting for their male lovers to appear. To the left there is a sculpture in bronze of Hercules holding the horn of plenty.

Lubomir Korenko - THE THREE GRACESTHE THREE GRACESLubomir Korenko

mixed media on canvas techniques.;the painting continue on the side of the painting

Alexander Presniakov - Bathsheba Receiving a letter from King DavidBathsheba Receiving a letter from King DavidAlexander Presniakov

Bathsheba looks over her shoulder in a classic pose out toward King David’s kingdom upon receiving his letter. She draws the curtain string and gazes out in a ponderous gaze.

Alexander Presniakov - Venus and the CentaurVenus and the CentaurAlexander Presniakov

A classically posed Venus is being seduced and carried away by a masculine Centaur in a beautiful landscape setting. She looks fleeting over her shoulder recalling her past and wears a delightful smile as she anticipates her lover.

Bernard Sabot - The three gracesThe three gracesBernard Sabot

small small pinks however beautiful

Alexander Presniakov - Caesar receiving his troops after battleCaesar receiving his troops after battleAlexander Presniakov

:'Julius Caesar receiving his troops after battle'. ;A painting of epic proportions. This work has the power to stop a viewer in his or her tracks. It has the energy and monumentality of High Renaissance and Baroque art by the great masters. Perfect down to the last detail. It tells the story of J...

Alexander Presniakov - Eve IIEve IIAlexander Presniakov

With dancing eyes and an anticipating smile Eve is being seduced by the serpent as he entices her to take the apple.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Three GracesThree GracesScott Andrew Spencer

Red, purple, orange, beige, white, grey, gray, abstract, blue.