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The Artworks of The World Today

The World Today - ArcadiaArcadiaThe World Today

For several months I looked and looked and could not figure out where this piece was going. I'm not sure why or how but I turned the painting upside down. The sea became the sky and the sky the sea. A celestial chorus filled the skies with heavenly sounds. ;I wa home.

The World Today - Broken BranchesBroken BranchesThe World Today

I like to document things and places I have ben to inform others. Writing a play must be quite a challenge as the author uses three stories that wrap around each other.I havehd I have used a similar technique making this artwork.

The World Today - Lucy Loves the HolidaysLucy Loves the HolidaysThe World Today

Lucy the elephant loves to dress for the holidays. What fun!

The World Today - the Bear Picnicthe Bear PicnicThe World Today

I'm not sure who was here first but an intense game of chess is going on. These bears are well behaved, not like the ones we here about. I suppose old camping tales.

The World Today - Tantric CarlaTantric CarlaThe World Today

If Carla says this is tantric, it is. I haven't a clue, I just sit there and draw.

The World Today - Carla Gets NervousCarla Gets NervousThe World Today

Carla says, Someone is Drawing Me . Am I in court

The World Today - Carla and the Rodeo ClownCarla and the Rodeo ClownThe World Today

Carla is the best comedian I have ever seen. herre she says she moonlights as a rodeo clown. Funny I do too.

The World Today - Sean Bray-s Greek BandSean Bray's Greek BandThe World Today

Sean's Music had the audience hand clapping and snapping their fingers. I sketch and the music infiltrates by pen.