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The Artworks of The World Today

The World Today - Blind-Blind?The World Today

This is the same lady who ears fell off and when they were re-attached she could hear. But she couldn't see.

The World Today - The WindowThe WindowThe World Today

This is a story that originated from a movie ending, to me it represented inner freedom. It 's main color is green and it ;would hang nicely with other small drawings.

The World Today - Miss DressMiss DressThe World Today

A play on words, Mistress /Miss Dress acknowledges she feels old and has been passed by but it no longer serves her purpose as she approaches the light. By the force of Grace and the Dark Winds she now does things for the greatest good and transmutates to the highest form of light. I forgive anyone...

The World Today - ArcadiaArcadiaThe World Today

For several months I looked and looked and could not figure out where this piece was going. I'm not sure why or how but I turned the painting upside down. The sea became the sky and the sky the sea. A celestial chorus filled the skies with heavenly sounds. ;I wa home.

The World Today - red Hair Flaming, A Self Portraitred Hair Flaming, A Self PortraitThe World Today

Making a self portrait for an art exhibition, I finally got it right, just a single head.

Barbara Greene Mann Artworks The World Today - The Jazz QueenThe Jazz QueenBarbara Greene Mann Artworks The World Today

Drawn during a live performance , Fern commands a portrait of herself.

Barbara Greene Mann Artworks The World Today - Sanskrit mother and daughterSanskrit mother and daughterBarbara Greene Mann Artworks The World Today

This piece just felt as if painted in another time, sanskrit.

Barbara Greene Mann Artworks The World Today - the Queen Beethe Queen BeeBarbara Greene Mann Artworks The World Today

sketched during a performance in a greenhouse, the female actress is also a beekeeper and wants her story told.