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The Artworks of Surealworld Illustrations

Surealworld Illustrations - The HeartThe HeartSurealworld Illustrations

Heart;Medium: Ink on Sketch Book Paper;Size: 15” x 25”;Year: 10/04/2019;This Illustration is my Pumpkin carve design for the Great Pumpkin Carve, sponsored by The Chad’s Ford Pa. Historical Society.;I have been participating in this event since 2006.;I designed this picture to illustrate the human h...

Surealworld Illustrations - Steward of the HarvestSteward of the HarvestSurealworld Illustrations

Stephen Vattimo;Dear friends,;I have just published my first book Steward of the Harvest;Description of my book:;This book is a collection of spiritual art and poetry by Stephen J. Vattimo. The artwork and poetry challenge the viewer to open their eyes and ears to the salvation message of Jesus so t...

Surealworld Illustrations - Her GiftHer GiftSurealworld Illustrations

Medium : Pen and Ink;size : 11’’ x 15’’ Bristol Board;Date : 1993;This study of a piano was done for a woman who was a missionary with her husband. They served in a Christian ministry that reached out to military personal and their families, through the teaching of the Holy Bible and showing hospit...

Surealworld Illustrations - Victory Through Prayer Victory Through Prayer Surealworld Illustrations

Medium : Water Color Markers on illustration Board;Size 2’ x 4’;Year completed : 1991;This illustration is part of a collection of artwork I did while in the military entitled, “The Army Years”,;I served in the Army National Guard for 5 years, and the regular Army for 4 years.;One of the main reason...

Surealworld Illustrations - Decision Decision Surealworld Illustrations

Size 4’ x 5’ Painted on canvas Medium acrylic painted 1995;In this illustration i am trying to portray how active the spiritual world is in every day of our lives. How heaven and hell, these two kingdoms are battling it out to win our devotion. Even when A person chooses to become part of God’s fami...

Surealworld Illustrations - Salvation In A Storm Salvation In A Storm Surealworld Illustrations

2’ X 4’ canvas medium acrylic Painted 1996;This painting illustrates a man who finds safety from drowning in a stormy sea by climbing on to the platform in shape of a cross. the storm it’s self represents the trail we face in life. the ship wrecked person show that we have nothing we can approach Go...

Surealworld Illustrations - Support Is On The WaySupport Is On The WaySurealworld Illustrations

Medium : Pen and Ink;Size : 11’’ x 15’’;Year completed: 1987;This rendering is part of a body of artwork I did while I was in the Military, entitled ,” The Army Years”. One of my most exciting ride on a helicopter , was when I was serving in the U.S. Air force- Civil Air Patrol, we were helping the ...