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The Artworks of Makoto Kashio Reflection

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Two OwlsTwo OwlsMakoto Kashio Reflection

Born between parents whom to me represent the owls. The joys, the tears the pain and re-Joyce.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Flowers and MountainFlowers and MountainMakoto Kashio Reflection

All elements high and low have aura, I simply made a free style painting to express what I see and felt.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Chaos withinChaos withinMakoto Kashio Reflection

With musical influence by Garbage( music band if I cell.) with the lyrics (In your head).

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Rain drops with ripplesRain drops with ripplesMakoto Kashio Reflection

Every rain drops I see different colours which also reflects the dynamic existence of each droplets. I find the ripples on every surfaces of water.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - DNADNAMakoto Kashio Reflection

Like frequency, like DNA in our vessels like waves of the oceans and mountains after mountains.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Flow of energyFlow of energyMakoto Kashio Reflection

I see colours in a way that represents the nature as its self.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Healing of NatureHealing of NatureMakoto Kashio Reflection

It was a place I visited with my girl friend for rehabilitation from noisy city. The colours reminds me of inner peace that is not so far away.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Energy FieldsEnergy FieldsMakoto Kashio Reflection

As I hear voices, having bi-polar, it is best to describe this work of art as a free style expressionism of what is beyond 3rd dimensions.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Foot Print by HandsFoot Print by HandsMakoto Kashio Reflection

As much as a child starts from walking on four feet and to two legs. Evolution as a concept of this art piece.

Makoto Kashio Reflection - Sailing Viking ShipSailing Viking ShipMakoto Kashio Reflection

Finger Painting. Only been day dreaming of this beautiful image from within my mind. It can represent the Three Blades in Norway.