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The Artworks of José Miguel Pérez Hernandez

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - Mairim Pérez is the springMairim Pérez is the springJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

English: ;Splendid work with which render homage to the spring, ;Everything is splendor given the figuration of my daughter, the movement in diagonal of the head, in contrast with the dynamics of the hair, establishing very beautiful and closed forms, to occur certain sensibility. ;Everything...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - nature of woman iinature of woman iiJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Spanish : ; Year : 2007 ; Comment : Confidences between these women and your bird little it shows us the nature feminine . Everything is poetry , lyricism . The colour this at the function of east magical mystery . ; Inglés : ; Year : 2007 ; Comment : The confidence among estos their women and small...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - The nap . Mairim dreams be motherThe nap . Mairim dreams be motherJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Year 2006 . Comment : The painter it has given life to this beautiful work with which he pays a tribute to long years of study and sacrifice of her daughter . Its a great works , beautiful and full where serenity is transmitted , maturity and spiritual tranquility , but all on placid dreaming . He i...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - LifeLifeJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Descriptio : Splendid female torso , in which the artist see conceptually the life . Present the miscegenation of her culture . The fullness of ones forms , achieved with the drawing and the vibration color , make of this work a sang to the woman , recurring source of her artistic production . To fi...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - loversloversJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Technique : Acrilic on Web . ; Size : 102 x 76 cm ; Year . 2015 ; Comment : Beautiful work in he that the artist paint a time intimate in the couple . The purity of a kiss , the gesture pictorial where freshness , spontaneity make of this gestural painting work . Range color well as the drawing he p...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - Mairim . InnocenceMairim . InnocenceJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Technique : Acrilic on Web ; Size : 104 x 60 cm ; Year : 2016 ; Comment : Beautiful work where the painter works with his favorite model . Her daughter Mairim , at a pose contemplative , lets see his world poetical , fine , nobby , innocent . The job of the range color as the composition makes of th...

José Miguel Pérez Hernandez - tropical girltropical girlJosé Miguel Pérez Hernandez

Descriptio : The artist he appropriate of two great masters studied by the , Velázquez and Picasso . Give us this beautiful girl , architecture of the innocence . It plays with the cubism . The colour , well as the structure compositional of the work presents to these infant of Caribbean . Year : 20...