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The Artworks of José Higuera

José Higuera - Prisoner of her own wishesPrisoner of her own wishesJosé Higuera

Sometimes we lock ourselves in desires that separate us from reason .. catching us on a path without return.;The painting is sold unframe rolled in a tube.

José Higuera - Mc ShoppingMc ShoppingJosé Higuera

The twenty connected works that will comprise the Shopping series tries to be a call to the consciousness in two aspects.;Firstly it is the reality reflected on a crystal; where the truth is to be found … the truth that we all know about but that most of us do not appreciate.;Secondly it is the hist...

José Higuera - Three flowersThree flowersJosé Higuera

Elena is the most beautiful flower in this painting. She's a nice girl, I love painting her;100x81 oil on canvas;This painting is sold unframe rolled in a tube.;This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

José Higuera - Jose and his friendJose and his friendJosé Higuera

José and his friend is a painting in which the color is the main protagonist of this friendship story. ;The special relationship between Jose and his kitty was worthy of being captured, I decided to give to the color a great importance in this work , perhaps looking for a way to also praise the fee...

José Higuera - Seller of hatsSeller of hatsJosé Higuera

Without ignoring the 'reality ', which is my inspiration, I have tried to capture not only a beautiful figure without more , but the feelings and the relationship of these models in a moment of their life.

José Higuera - ElenaElenaJosé Higuera

Painting 'Elena' was a request from herself as she wanted to be the model in one of my works. I was fascinated by her sweetness and amazing personality I was fully captivated by her from the very first moment.;I wanted to paint Elena doing an everyday task, bringing water from a near fountain and t...

José Higuera - Where are you looking at-Where are you looking at?José Higuera

Where are you looking at? It is a game in which the protagonist, gets lost from his apparent task and distracts her gaze toward a point we don’t know and will never know, because it is out of the painting.;Where are you looking at? ... Is the question that will remain unanswered or open to the imagi...

José Higuera - ScarvesScarvesJosé Higuera

In a corner of the garden, with the sun as a companion, Miguel enjoys the bright colors and the movement of the changing light of his handkerchiefs, he is having fun and at the same time he is surprised by the different textures, shapes and forms of the handkerchief clothes. It is the time between s...