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The Artworks of Edward Tabachnik

Edward Tabachnik - Codex of The Flight of BirdsCodex of The Flight of BirdsEdward Tabachnik

Based on Leonardo da Vinci drawings. Portrait of Leonardo. ET Paintings: 'Aurora Borealis at St.Mark Square'. Water Theater'. 'Self-portrait'. Einstein and Paul Dirac formulas.

Edward Tabachnik - DaVinci-s Flying Machines at Realto Bridge.DaVinci's Flying Machines at Realto Bridge.Edward Tabachnik

Realto Bridge Arches-Paintings by Edward Tabachnik.;Listed on the back. 2014.

Edward Tabachnik - Cidex of The Flight of BirdsCidex of The Flight of BirdsEdward Tabachnik

Codex of The Flight of Birds. 2013.;Based on Leonardo da Vinchi drawings.;Portret of Leonardo.;E.T. paintings: 'Aurora Borealis at St. Marc Square'.;'Water Theater'. 'Self-portret in 18c.';Einshtein formula of Universe.;Antimatter formula by Paul Dirac.

Edward Tabachnik - Arrival of ProserpinaArrival of ProserpinaEdward Tabachnik

Prozerpina -12th. Planet. Creation of Man. Arrival of The 3rd, Temple. 72 names of God. Jewish Mystery.;Blue Violin. Main Prayer Hall of The First Temple.

Edward Tabachnik - The Great Buddah. Memories of Japan.The Great Buddah. Memories of Japan.Edward Tabachnik

The Great Buddah Mystery. Geisha. ;Series:'Memories ofJapan'.

Edward Tabachnik - Saturn Day. From Havoc to Harmony.Saturn Day. From Havoc to Harmony.Edward Tabachnik

Saturn Day. From Havoc to Harmony. 36”x32”. 2009.;And on The Seven day God ended His Work.;Based on the painting by Hieronymus Bosch “Garden of Delights”.;The Pentagram: The Holy Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire, Water.;Jewish Signs of Zodiac.;Town of Babel.;First and Second Temple.;Self-Portrait.

Edward Tabachnik - Bathsheba and Elders. Rembrandt or not Rembrandt.Bathsheba and Elders. Rembrandt or not Rembrandt.Edward Tabachnik

Bathsheba, based on Rembrandt painting. ;Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything;Series:'Rembrandt or not Rembrandt'.