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The Artworks of Charis Psachos

Charis Psachos - MotherMotherCharis Psachos

The brut sketch of a Madonna on abstract colors symbolizes the idea of a mother. The sketch is done without looking at the canvas most of the time. My intention is on the gesture and the emotional painting of the mother's idea.;Painting is 45X55cm with more than 2.5cm wide.;Oils and Acrylics used ...

Charis Psachos - The FightThe FightCharis Psachos

The Fight.;40x55cm painted on 45x60cm cotton Canvas (weight aprox. 280gr/sq(m)).;Acrylic paints used.;Year of Creation 2016.;Emotional Painting. ;Mirroring on canvas a moment of my life.;Original Artwork (Artist: Charis Psachos).;Real colors depend on lighting conditions...;Painting is on stretcher...

Charis Psachos - Last SupperLast SupperCharis Psachos

Last supper in another point of view. The sketch is based on a Subirachs pencilling and changed in a color expressionistic way.;Artwork is on strechers.

Charis Psachos - Sunset TreeSunset TreeCharis Psachos

A lonely tree, part of a colorfull puzzle like abstract colorscape...;Artwork is o strechers back set, 2cm side wide.

Charis Psachos - EmotionsEmotionsCharis Psachos

Emotions opus I. Wishes.;Abstract.;40 X 77.5 X 2, Mixed Technique.;The artwork is backset on stretchers but will be sent rolled on a tube.

Charis Psachos - Beauty - the BeastsBeauty & the BeastsCharis Psachos

The Semi Innocent Beauty, the Beasts, the Erotic Nightmare, Something that I missed, & Something that I forget.;Childish style expressionistic painting.;Artwork is not on strechers.

Charis Psachos - The CryThe CryCharis Psachos

40x55cm painted on 45x60 cotton Canvas (weight aprox. 280gr/sq(m)).;Acrylic Oil and enamel paints used.;Year of Creation 2015.;Artwork will be sent rolled in a tube.