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The Artworks of Charis Psachos

Charis Psachos - Two figures.Two figures.Charis Psachos

Abstract background.;Notan Painting of two figures from a life sketch.;Simplicity on the black and white figures, part of a full of gesture lines background with a lot of hidden colors and features as you watch carefully. But all these gestures are absorbed by a brownish tone. ;Two figures duotone...

Charis Psachos - KissKissCharis Psachos

Abstract Synthesis.;Black and Red are filling the white space for a kiss.;Gestures and Lines mixed together for this abstract Synthesis.

Charis Psachos - On the roads...On the roads...Charis Psachos

Sailboats are on the roads inside the small port.;Abstract colored gesture painting with gesso preparation, oil and enamel colors.;Painting is on stretchers backset.

Charis Psachos - AuraAuraCharis Psachos

Painting is created with oils, acrylics, pencils, and scratches on the surface. ;A captured moment from a quick sketch.

Charis Psachos - RiverRiverCharis Psachos

Abstract blue-dark background.;Brush white lines follow an ideogram for the water or the river.;White follows the foam.;Harmonization with the environment. ;Εffect of one of the elements on the environment.;Canvas weight about 280gr/sqm.;The artwork is on stretchers backset (2cm wide).

Charis Psachos - The HorsesThe HorsesCharis Psachos

The quick life sketch of two lovely horses that captured a moment, inspired this painting.;The black contour of the horses contrasted with a colorful background. ;Tranquility inside a conflicted dualistic world.;The background created in former time, years ago and has a vintage look that is not res...

Charis Psachos - The BirdsThe BirdsCharis Psachos

One of my favorite themes. Small abstract ideogram painting of birds.;Canvas Weight about 280gr/sqm.;Canvas size 45X60cm with borders.;In order for exportation certificate from the national gallery will also be included on the package. For this reason, it needs 10-15 days of preparation time.

Charis Psachos - Brownish Tranquility...Brownish Tranquility...Charis Psachos

This painting is part of my thoughtless series. Created in a meditative state has nothing to say. Just exist, calm and pure, free from judgment, contrasts, and confusion. It could be somebody. It could be nobody.;Painting is 40X50X2cm on stretchers side set.;Signature is digital for printing pur...

Charis Psachos - The Daughter...The Daughter...Charis Psachos

Single-stranded lines on colored prepared canvas, words and thoughts make a painted book of life in an expressionistic colorspace. ;The daughter is a word that was repeatedly written on the canvas plus with letters and symbols that fulfill her word. Etching and scratching on the painted surface us...

Charis Psachos - MotherMotherCharis Psachos

The brut sketch of a Madonna on abstract colors symbolizes the idea of a mother. The sketch is done without looking at the canvas most of the time. My intention is on the gesture and the emotional painting of the mother's idea.;Painting is 45X55cm with more than 2.5cm wide.;Oils and Acrylics used ...