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The Artworks of Barbara Mannnewart

Barbara Mannnewart - Dad- the Chef Dad' the Chef Barbara Mannnewart

I drew this for all Fathers as my own Dad is gone.

Barbara Mannnewart - Dr. RadiationDr. RadiationBarbara Mannnewart

Radiation treatment rooms, there are 17 of them, see 60 people per day,, 5 days a week. That is a lot of people. The radiation people say it doesn't hurt, just a bit weird. I had 5 treatments.

Barbara Mannnewart - My Self- PortraitMy Self- PortraitBarbara Mannnewart

Submitting to a self portrait show, I decided my 1st drawing was rather mundane, so I decided I would add a Role to the portrait. But then I received a response saying only one big head.;Oops time to get back to the drawing board and here's my big happy head.

Barbara Mannnewart - CrashCrashBarbara Mannnewart

The young girl was deaf ad terrified of being hit by a car/ She took all kinds of precautionary methods, like a seeing eye dog, and bells and whistles. Byt she still got hit. and then her ears fell off. When she put them back on she could hear again.

Barbara Mannnewart - A Bad Day, Who-s TalkingA Bad Day, Who's TalkingBarbara Mannnewart

Ever have a day where you hear people talking and theirs no one there. Stop talking but the chatter continues, not such a good day.

Barbara Mannnewart - Who-s Talking-Who's Talking?Barbara Mannnewart

Did you ever have a rough day or think someone was talking to you, telling you what to do? Well this man has had enough.

Barbara Mannnewart - the Dance Instructorthe Dance InstructorBarbara Mannnewart

Originally I made a drawing somewhat like this that sold this month, May 2017 in Workmanart's Being Scene Show in Toronto. Peggy baker is the Choreographer but she explained to me everything and now I was the instructor, ;What fun !The rules are posted, let's begin!