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The Artworks of Asm Ambia 1978

Asm Ambia 1978 - Landscape Of BangladeshLandscape Of BangladeshAsm Ambia 1978

#natural #landscape in rainy season in urban village of Bangladesh. Art comes in frame.12/14 inches, #watercolour on paper, #landscape, framed.

Asm Ambia 1978 - Pigeons DreamPigeons DreamAsm Ambia 1978

#Bangladesh are illustrated here.#Oil #painting,Size 52/66 inches on large chunky canvas. #abstract form. This masterpiece won the #award of #Italia In Arte.

Asm Ambia 1978 - Indian CoupleIndian CoupleAsm Ambia 1978

#Indian #couple drawn in abstract mood with lines. It's nice vibrant colourful painting.size 24/334 inches on chunky canvas.

Asm Ambia 1978 - The Sad ValentineThe Sad ValentineAsm Ambia 1978

Here I have tried to expose the sadness of love which portrayed by the gloomy rusty flowers.This art will be sold as framed with big mount and signed with authenticity certificate. 12x14 inches.

Asm Ambia 1978 - Pigeons Dream 2Pigeons Dream 2Asm Ambia 1978

It's a nice colorful very cool #Abstract painting in the style of Semi realistic #Landscape.Here I have illustrated all the #village's  #natural and #cultural elements of #Bangladesh. In this artwork's theme I tried to expose the life of a village and their peace are symbolized by #pigeons.Size 100/...

Asm Ambia 1978 - Pigeons Dream 6Pigeons Dream 6Asm Ambia 1978

nicely illustrated the culture of #Bangladesh in #abstract form.#Oil #Paintings on chunky canvas.It's 32/24 inches on chunky canvas by oil paint. 

Asm Ambia 1978 - Couple in abstract 2Couple in abstract 2Asm Ambia 1978

#Couple done by #watercolour on paper in #abstract form. This #art will be sold as framed.size 12/16 inches, watercolor on paper, sold as framed.Art will be signed with certificate of authenticity. 

Asm Ambia 1978 - A True reflections 2A True reflections 2Asm Ambia 1978

This #artwork is a form of #abstract #paintings done by #acrylic and #gouache . It's ready to hang and very  vibrant colourful canvas. A day time #cityscape in large canvas 24/36 inches.

Asm Ambia 1978 - Summer in bloomsSummer in bloomsAsm Ambia 1978

#Acrylic and #Gouache medium on large canvas. Here the color of summer has been illustrated by the flowers in pop and performance art style. The brush strokes made fluently without any drawing .size 24/34. Acrylic and gouache paints on canvas.

Asm Ambia 1978 - Couple in abstractCouple in abstractAsm Ambia 1978

#Couple done by watercolour on paper in #abstract form.This art will be sold as framed.This #original artwork will be signed and comes with authenticity certificate and also be framed.12/16 inches, watercolor on paper.