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The Artworks of Stephen Mead

Stephen Mead - Christ StrippedChrist StrippedStephen Mead

Later incorporated into the series 'Blue Heart Diary', this watercolor pencil on canvas board from the late '90's is an exploration on faith and suffering in stained glass tones.

Stephen Mead - CopingCopingStephen Mead

Later incorporated into the series, 'Blue Heart Diary', this early pastel work on paper is a memory piece for the passing of a brave AIDS fighter.

Stephen Mead - Those Were The Shadows, That Was The Wall IIThose Were The Shadows, That Was The Wall IIStephen Mead

Later used as a cover piece for the series 'States of Desire, States of Being', this large oil is a self shadow painting was inspired by streetlamps pouring through rippled glass windows of old apartment I was then living in.

Stephen Mead - PicnicPicnicStephen Mead

From the early '90's, this large vibrant mural piece is derived from a statement Ronald Reagon blithely made about the environment and 'don't worry, be happy.' From this I envisioned the protective gear needed for a future picnic.

Stephen Mead - Blessed Beast (from -Our Common Book Of Faith- series)Blessed Beast (from "Our Common Book Of Faith" series)Stephen Mead

Part of a series begun in 2002, and still growing as of 2005, an exploration of world religions as a focal point for global peace, 'The Blessed Beast' incorporates glazes, glues, acrylics, glitter, wheat stalks, gold jewels and feathers in a shadowbox frame.

Stephen Mead - Reclining Torso (from the series -Body As Landscape-)Reclining Torso (from the series "Body As Landscape")Stephen Mead

Part of the series 'Body As Landscape', this mixture of glazes, acrylics and oil pastels glows bronze emblazoned from the canvas.

Stephen Mead - What on Earth-What on Earth?Stephen Mead

https://plus.google.com/111539307302770108255/posts/V4s72f5a6ai;Like all of us, wrestling with the 2016 election results and its aftermath, the fears I have for this country and the planet have grown deeper.   As a result I found myself working on the image above.  As it came together saw it as a pi...

Stephen Mead - Postcard for HumanityPostcard for HumanityStephen Mead

Tired of global abuses against LGBT people?;Please consider sending/posting a ;postcard.;ww.artpostcard.com/postcard/1027_803245/postcard-for-humanity-message-from-stephen-mead.cfm;Or feel free to right click on image(s) on this page, & choose 'save as'.;Further details can still be found at:;postca...

Stephen Mead - Resolve (from the series -States of Desire, States of Being-)Resolve (from the series "States of Desire, States of Being")Stephen Mead

Part of the series 'States of Desire, States of Being', this watercolor on canvas paper is a meditation on letting go with grace to attain peace.

Stephen Mead - Pour Over The Hair (from the series -Washing The Body-)Pour Over The Hair (from the series "Washing The Body")Stephen Mead

Part of the series, 'Washing The Body', this painting is a mixture of glazes, colored pencil and oil pastels, iconic and spiritual, a mediation on mortality derived from my experiences as a direct care giver in health care.