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The Artworks of Scott Andrew Spencer

Scott Andrew Spencer - Creation of ManCreation of ManScott Andrew Spencer

abstract, black, white, David, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, ceiling, red, blue, gray, gray, tan, beige, religious, religion.

Scott Andrew Spencer - OlympiaOlympiaScott Andrew Spencer

'Done' with that unfinished look. Our minds and imaginations fill in the rest. Sort of Tom Wesselman looking, no?

Scott Andrew Spencer - Man of StatureMan of StatureScott Andrew Spencer

Red, orange, blue, black, grey, gray, white, man, male, figure, guy, dude, naked, nude, figurative, oil painting on canvas, figurative.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Road HomeRoad HomeScott Andrew Spencer

The paths and roads we travel all lead to home. Black, brown, red, grey, gray, earth tones, pink, abstract, figures, people.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Greek RuinsGreek RuinsScott Andrew Spencer

Original oil painting on stretched canvas. Worldwide shipping. Add $75 for shipping in USA.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Trying to SmileTrying to SmileScott Andrew Spencer

Original oil painting on stretched canvas. Worldwide shipping. Add $75 for shipping in USA.

Scott Andrew Spencer - Two Dollar BillTwo Dollar BillScott Andrew Spencer

This piece was in the '2 Dollar Bills' show at i-5 Gallery at the Brewery Arts Complex in downtown Los Angeles. It was fun to deface government property. It reads, 'I don't know what's worse. This thing or two of them Sacagaweas.' It is sort of Marcel Duchampian in its simplicity. Actual dimensions ...

Scott Andrew Spencer - Opium PoppyOpium PoppyScott Andrew Spencer

Original oil painting on canvas. Papaver somniferum, flowers, abstract, floral, square, yellow, pink, white, red, stem, drug, drugs, opiates, sleep-bringing poppy, modern art, contemporary art, fine art, narcotic, hallucinatory, controlled substance, hallucinogens.

Scott Andrew Spencer - AlaskaAlaskaScott Andrew Spencer

This is a composite of two pictures (Valdez and Chugach Mountains) I used as reference material. Blue, modern, contemporary, mountain range, Alaskan, cold, cool, grey, gray, white, black, brown, green, ocher, ocher, flashbacks, abstract, art, artist, painting, oil, canvas, painter, Los Angeles, Cal...