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The Artworks of Karla Ricker

Karla Ricker - Goddess WombGoddess WombKarla Ricker

The sculpture was part of an installation piece. The installation was in a window and you could look at the sculpture of a womb suspended in the middle of an enclosed space encased in red fabric.

Karla Ricker - Waterfall GoddessWaterfall GoddessKarla Ricker

I took this image at a hot spring in on a cold January morning in NM. ;The image was created with a homemade pinhole camera made to use 4x5 negative film. The camera simply has a pinhole in a box with no lens or other mechanized camera parts and has a place for the film holder. I then contact printe...

Karla Ricker - LegsLegsKarla Ricker

The image was created using a 4x5 camera. I then contact printed it on palladium emulsion. The palladium emulsion is painted on paper and once dried the negative is placed on op of the emulsion and exposed to UV light. I simply placed it out in the sun. The process seems simple enough but it takes m...

Karla Ricker - Little Wombs of the GoddessLittle Wombs of the GoddessKarla Ricker

The size is based on each 'little womb.' There are several pieces in this image and is potentially the start of a larger installation.