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The Artworks of Alain Frigon

Alain Frigon - UntitledUntitledAlain Frigon

As part dice l'exposition ' Witnesses d'aujourd'hui ' , i need present 2 works and celle-ci s'inscrit in a very popular theme is the one racism , dice l'exclusion , visible but minoritées amours ' impossible ' that did if not impossible , c'est a young twosome formed by 'une white girl has l'allure ...

Alain Frigon - parkourparkourAlain Frigon

J'ai create this artwork for exhibit having for title ' Witnesses d'aujourd'hui ' where performers have at s'exprimer on the current world and the subjects and styles were free , the sport extreme call ' free-running ' and practiced above all in europe and in La france m'apparaissait as an subject e...

Alain Frigon - of the side street  at  there  stage of the side street at there stage Alain Frigon

The successful in the life is the theme exchange of this workart , a young who managed to live of his lust , the music rap and who s'est exited d'un middle challenging , that of street gangs , from there drug and of any problems that there are related ! The rare toujour way to succeed in the life .

Alain Frigon - The TravellerThe TravellerAlain Frigon

C'est character , ac could be me , you , your mates ( es ) , your knowledge , short , a someone who has one goal to reach in the living , that that either level staff or professional , and this person borrows along and sometimes hard way that lead to the happiness .

Alain Frigon - Jazz and there javaJazz and there javaAlain Frigon

My aim was to recreate a festive atmosphere with some vibrant colors depicting the style of music sud-américain and the jazz well as l'atmosphère festive .

Alain Frigon - Léonard , Salvador , Vincent and lLéonard , Salvador , Vincent and lAlain Frigon

J'ai wanted m'inspiré different styles and artists as j'aime while in creating a style pictorial that m'est specific to i and furthermore staff .