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Sid Campbell Art Gallery - Sid Campbell Artworks

Sid Campbell Art Gallery - Sid Campbell Artworks

"About Artist Sid Campbell The Warrior Artist of Dragunshire Artist and author Sid Campbell’s passion for Hawai’iana and traditional ancient weapons lore is reflected in the original artwork found in his 290 page coffee table hardback book titled Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawai’i ( To be in worldwide fine bookstores and national ch"

Sid Campbell
Sid Campbell
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Brothers in Battle

Three Warriors of Hilo

Restless Bushi of Echigo

Warrior King Paupaho

Last Visit to Makahiki

Stone Throwers of Pali

Legacy of Okinawa-Te

Night Before the Battle

Toyotoni's Attack...Battle at Tennozan

Warriors at the Gate

Pale Blue Rider

Kiss of the Dragon Lord

Guardian of the Night

Kiss of the Dragon Princess

Spirit of Hawaii

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Japanese Warrior ARt
Just wanted to check in and let the artist know that I am seriously thinking about purchasing a piece of his art. So be on the lookout for my order.
(Roxie, 1 July 2008)