Raphael Perez Art Gallery - Raphael Perez Artworks

Raphael Perez Art Gallery - Raphael Perez Artworks

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Raphael Perez
Raphael Perez

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tel aviv streets - Israel

tel aviv landscape - Israel

tel aviv streets

men kissing

man painting

male portrait

naive painting

Naive painting


green room

new family

men kissing

the pool

the kiss

avi portrait

artist nephew

man at bath

pregnant woman

lesbian women painting

gay men relationship

my brother and his wife

couple on bed

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Raphael  Perez realistic paintings depicted intimate relationships between two people whether man and woman, two women and two men. The entire concept of a relationship and sentiments between two people is brought to light. In each painting there is an evident contrast between shade and light. The color red is central to his paintings and consistently symbolizes masculinity, passion and dominance.

Raphael Perez naive paintings  His creations deal with the subject of homosexuality. He puts a strong emphasis on the topics of single-sex families and parenthood, pride parades, male birth giving, portraits, male nudity, as well as male, female and heterosexual couples. His works put to test the boundaries between eroticism and art, while characterizing homosexual relationships and love as they are expressed in everyday life and everyday situations in the kitchen, bathroom,
balcony, saloon


Raphael Perez, was born in 1965 and was raised in Jerusalem. He currently resides and works in Tel-Aviv.
exhibited in several art galleries and GLBT community centers. PINK TIMES, the Israeli GLBT community magazine has a permanent column of Rafi Perez Artwork Publications as well as other publications in "Ha'ir", the Jerusalem city magazine, in RAINBOW Magazine and JERUSALEM OPEN HOUSE Paper and others. But most of his references can be found in the "world wide web".

1997 Camera Obscura (Curator Department)-Tel Aviv
1998 Flamingo Restaurant Gallery - Tel Aviv
2000 Cafe Gallery THEO - Tel Aviv
2001 Jerusalem Open House
2002 GLBT community Center in the Galilee
2002 Haifa GLBT community center
2003 Gallery Offir-Group Exhibition-GLBT Artists of Israel
2003 Tel Aviv Museum of art -Group Exhibition
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Raphael Perez's Guestbook

What an amazing selection of beautifully sensual paintings which are really thought provok...
What an amazing selection of beautifully sensual paintings which are really thought provoking.Positive vibes from one artist to another and look forward to seeing more of your stuff.Ciao from Malta.Marco
([From Guestbook], 29 March 2005)