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Mairon Almeida Art Gallery - Mairon Almeida Artworks

Mairon Almeida Art Gallery - Mairon Almeida Artworks

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imaginary prison
hour sleep-2
Memories of an afternoon of sunshine !
playing guitar
what there is by wrong at mine hair
Embracing the truth
ballet black
sieve in the garden of thoughts
the girl and her new dress
small in the land of giants
small winged suffering
-15 hours of sleep
new bike
girl, dreams and insanity
the girl and the bucket
small winged
my world of reading
the boy, the dream and the umbrella
youth age
hour sleep-1
hour sleep -3
hour sleep-5

  - Quando pequeno , passava os fins de tarde a apreciar as aves no pé de amora do quintal vizinho,longe das turbulências que teimavam em atormentar minha família,tentava fazer na minha imaginação um lugar que me fizesse escapar de todo aquele sofrimento, um lugar onde aves e criaturas estranhas dançavam em meio a galhos e flores , o mágico e o estranh...
[Biography - Mairon Almeida - 3Ko - 2015]

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"My world of reading" Mairon Almeida
This painting makes me smile. Just so colorful and bright and yet obscure. Something that I can totally see myself hanging in my house.
(Doe, 21 September 2015)

Artworks Topics : Fantasie - Fantastic - Fantasy - Fantasie - Illustration
Artworks Media : Acrilyc - Acryl - Acrylic
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