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John Biro 22 Art Gallery - John Biro 22 Artworks

John Biro 22 Art Gallery - John Biro 22 Artworks

John Biro 22
John Biro 22

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Fine art by John Biro 22 Oeuvres de John Biro 22 John Biro 22 John Biro 22 John Biro 22 John Biro 22 John Biro 22 John Biro 22 John Biro 22

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designed hairdo for Easter


easy answer..


I was born in Baja.  I`ve a creative Life. I see the reflective moment everyday . I have drawings-oil paintings- and design jewelry, sculpt stones and making gold-silver-bronze figurines and medallions.
I opened all the windows, let You to see “my world” through on my works !

The Art for me, as like harmony for humanity
Phantasmagorical field expressing the variety of Life; mixed colors, hopes and memories.
Paintings are dark and light fires and and gossamer love.
Special magic yielding satisfaction from realization of our environment.
Honesty with oneself is an essential with full freedom give a creativity.
The components of breed manner comes with topic….
use a various tools to build a visual experience transmitting positive and negative energies to
discover reflections that fully encompass, enchanting the moments absolute atmosphere in Time.
No philosophy need just, a slice of bread like an ornament - achievement on the desk…….
Welcome to my showcase !
NEW;  http://www.artpal.com/jbiro
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Welcome to the Showcase. The pages and Artwork images at this site, may Not be duplicated or redistributed in any form Without permission ! All works are available for purchase, for more Information about The artist and his works... Please, feel free to contact me at; jpbiro@live.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/jpbiro/ http://www.viewbug.com/mem.../...
(John Biro, 31 May 2016)