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Joaquin Clemente Art Gallery - Joaquin Clemente Artworks

Joaquin Clemente Art Gallery - Joaquin Clemente Artworks

Joaquin Clemente
Joaquin Clemente
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The fringe

an fish

News fake news

him indignant

Of river Colorado

Two lunatics

The fool of the selfie

The man creased

The circumlocution

The reverse of the model

3 Fish 3

united per the over blanket

free of title

title for what

The nap of monarch

The fool of selfie

mrs. fredegunda

sans titre

The Old and the over Young of monkey

An urbanized bodegon

the masks out of the shades

To see them come

A goat

in Fog

  - Desde 1985, año en que celebro mi primera exposicion, he participado en muchos y diversos eventos artisticos realizando exposiciones tanto individuales como coolectivas. Cabe destacar las exposiciones individuales celebradas en la Galeria Seiquer, de Madrid. En 1998, premio "Torre Almenara" en el Certamen Nacional de Escultura "Ciudad de Punta Umbr...
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