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Jack Bauer Art Gallery - Jack Bauer Artworks

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Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer

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Mona Lisa

cape ann

Port Of Castiglione

indian island

the waterboy

Portland Maine



camden harbor

mona lisa painted on a wood panel

mona lisa painted on a wood panel

Mona lisa

Mona Lisa Hand painted On Wood panel

Photo of The Artist And one Of jacks Paintings

JACK BAUER,S  ORIGINAL ART oil paintings   As Shown On staten island cable T.V.  Ch.34 As well As long island art shows  Farmville Virginia, Out Door Exibits .My art  School. Art And Design High School-  private Art lessons By listed artist  Gordon Dean Smith, Sincerly Jack bauer...................................................................................
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Nice work!
Hi Jack, Looks like you have been busy painting... love the painting of Olivia ... Good Luck to you! Hi to Maureen Best ever Terrianne
(Terrianne Benton-Danielson, 12 November 2006)
Neat Gallery Display!
Hi Jack... WOW what a great site! I do hope it helps you sell your beautiful work! My best regards, Terrianne
(Terrianne Benton-Danielson, 27 February 2006)
Oil Painting
Jack Bauer thanks again for your Email, I Hope You Like The Photo,s of myself As well As barbara,s photo
(President George Busch, 23 February 2006)