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Claude Ternois Art Gallery - Claude Ternois Artworks

Claude Ternois Art Gallery - Claude Ternois Artworks

Claude Ternois
Claude Ternois

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Fine art by Claude Ternois Oeuvres de Claude Ternois Claude Ternois Claude Ternois Claude Ternois Claude Ternois Claude Ternois Claude Ternois Claude Ternois

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abortion & mast


How many it costs

this morning out a rabbit

Animalement up your

Decidedly decided



What ? the ' Eternity . . .

The beautiful up and The Bird


Intimate Landscape

Upside down

Game over

the loss of innocence

Onirisme II

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  - exposition personnelle Document Page de Claude Ternois
centre culturel jacques Tati Amiens du 27.02 au 06.04.2019
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  - Claude TERNOIS est une jeune femme résidant et travaillant à Amiens. Question cursus, un bac A3 spécialité Arts obtenu en 1990, puis Licence d’Arts Plastiques, enfin une seconde licence de Lettres modernes afin d’acquérir une solide formation avant de développer un parcours artistique et un univers très personnels où participent les expériences de ...
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Claude Ternois's Guestbook

My new fav
This is my new favorite piece. I want it.
(Jenny, 11 March 2016)
Vanity is a great piece all around. Sugar skulls are very cool.
(Griffin, 17 February 2016)
Gorgeous. You have a way with making people.
(Heath, 29 January 2016)
Wow, what great work. I love this sugar skull.
(Vanessa, 27 January 2016)
Wow this is amazing. I am a huge fan of sugar skulls and think that you are doing something great here.
(Jess, 17 January 2016)
Sugar Skulls
Hello. I love sugar skulls and this is great work. I want this so bad.
(Sugarskull lover, 17 January 2016)
What a great piece. You have outdone yourself on this.
(Mandie, 7 January 2016)
Hi. Great work to see you have posted on here. Excited to see more.
(Claudia, 6 January 2016)